Storytelling Travels - 2017


Kiran has travelled to tell her tales and inspire thousands of school-going children  to the joys of  reading and discovering . She has also inspired teachers and parents to be role models for their charges and children respectively. These events have included storytelling sessions and teacher workshops. 


Kiran was in Bangalore for a storytelling festival in November and performed her favourite Gujarati folktale with a tandem partner and performed at 2 schools. She then went on to Chennai to conduct two workshops, one for trainers and one for early childhood teachers.


Performing at the 398.2 Storytelling Festival for three consecutive years, Kiran always feels specially connected to her homeland.


Kiran attended the Penang International Storytelling Festival (PINKS). She conducted workshops for both school children and teachers. The children learnt  a string story and created their own draw and tell stories.


Kiran spent 3 weeks in Nairobi, Kenya visiting schools run by the Amara Charitable Trust and attending the Mini Sigana Storytelling Festival.


Kiran was invited to be one of the international storytelling judges for the Asian English Olympics organised by Binus University, Jakarta for high school and university students from all over Asia in February.  In November, she was in Jakarta and Bogor for the Indonesian International Storytelling Festival.