Storytelling Events Australia - 2019

Storytelling at Nom Bulk Foods, East Blaxland

Kiran with her special storytelling apron.

Storytelling at Nom Bulk Foods, East Blaxland

Waiting for storytelling to begin. A delightful afternoon with keen listeners, young and old.


Storytelling Events Australia - 2018

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Storytelling for preschoolers in Penrith, New South Wales on 19 September 2018.

Blue Mountains Steiner School

On Friday 29 June, Kiran was at the Blue Mountains Steiner School telling the epic The Ramayana to the upper grades with the help of these stick puppets from India

Friend in Hand Pub

Tasting sweet berries while telling an ancient Chinese tale to adults at the Friend in Hand pub in Glebe, Sydney on a winter Sunday afternoon in June.

World Storytelling Day

Kiran had a lovely time at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney in March telling with fellow tellers Jo Henwood, Jill Webster and visiting from India, Veena Seethepalli to a small but captive audience who mostly stayed for the entire 3 hours!

The Ramayana

Kiran collaborated with other tellers for a year before their first performance in Gosford last year. The entire group of six tellers had their debut performance in Sydney in February 2018 in the first  bi-monthly calendar event of the year  (Web Told Live) organised by The Australian Storytelling Guild, NSW.

Click here to view a montage of the performance.

Click here for audience reviews.


Storytelling Events Australia - 2017


Children's Week 2017

  Kiran spun some wonderful tales at the  Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.